Good grief, it's been a while!

Alas, I’ve fully fallen into the “too busy to update is blog” camp. Almost anything I do of interest now I post on Google+, Twitter or even Facebook (when I want my parents to see it too).

All continues well here in Chicago, we continue to make more friends here and start to put down roots of a sort. It just occurred to us now that our youngest is now more than 50% American! He celebrates his second birthday next week – where does the time go?

In the next few months we’re going to have to make our mind up whether we’re going to stay a little longer than our initial two year stint. That’s going to be a tricky decision; we really miss our friends and family in the UK but there’s so much to be said for staying too…

Work continues to be so much fun: I never thought all those skills I learned in the games industry would have so much value anywhere this side of a GPU!

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Posted at 23:00:00 BST on 15th April 2012.

Hello Chicago!

We’ve successfully survived our first week in Chicago! It hardly seems like yesterday we were panicking about getting the house in Horsham packed up before the taxi to the airport arrived.

The boys were amazingly patient on the flight — eight and a half hours and not a peep from either. Isaac played happily in Ness’s lap, and William slept or watched CBeebies on the British Airways in-flight entertainment.

Clearing through immigration was far less traumatic than we were anticipating: as we had small children and lots of hand luggage an airport employee took pity on us and let us through the fast track line. The immigration officer was friendly and helpful and processed our visas in no time. Past immigration, we found a porter to help us pick up our six large suitcases, two car seats, pram and buggy board and load them onto a taxi. Before we knew it we were sitting, somewhat shell-shocked, in our new apartment overlooking Millennium Park.

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Posted at 05:00:00 GMT on 16th January 2011.

It's nearly time to say goodbye

2010 has been an exciting year for the Godbolts:

Brr, it's chilly in Chicago
Chicago's skyline in Winter. (Image courtesy of Fernando Mandujano)

We’ve been warned that Chicago’s winters are considerably worse than the ones we get in the UK, so we’re a little anxious about how we’ll cope. At least the recent snow here has prepared us a bit!

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Posted at 22:44:00 GMT on 31st December 2010.

Goodbye Google!

It’s a sad day today: my last day working for Google. I’ve had such a great time and it’s sad to wave goodbye to all my friends, and leave behind all the cool and exciting secret projects.

So very excited about the new few weeks though — Ness and I are off to Chicago at the weekend (first time away without the kids) to house-hunt and generally enjoy ourselves. Then back to the UK and my first day in the new job!

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Posted at 15:00:00 GMT on 12th November 2010.

An even bigger move

So, there’s been a drought of updates yet again. Of course I’ve been busy, and of course there’s no real excuse other than laziness.

I’m breaking the hiatus with some even bigger news than last time: I’m leaving Google! I’ve had an absolutely fantastic two years developing all manner of fun stuff, working on cramped little mobile phones right up to the distributed cool infrastructure that’s Google’s hallmark.

I’m leaving to go and work in “the City” for a private investment company on some super cool (but secret) stuff. There’s a twist: this City isn’t London: it’s Chicago!

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Posted at 21:10:00 BST on 17th October 2010.

A big move

Another quick update. My excuse for not posting recently is that we’ve been busy moving house and looking after two increasingly energetic boys!

We’re now living in Horsham, West Sussex, and it has been quite an upgrade from a modest two bedroom terrace to a detached 4 bedroom property. The boys love the space and William in particular loves running around the garden!

Some pics of the move are available on my picasaweb site.

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Posted at 23:00:00 BST on 12th July 2010.

Baby Godbolt has a name!

A very quick update here, but for those not on Facebook or Twitter, we’ve announced the name of Godbolt v2.0 — his name is Isaac Benjamin Godbolt.

Isaac (or Zac for short) is doing well, he’s putting on weight and Mum has recovered well. William continues to be a lovely big brother to the “babby”, though he can’t say Isaac or even Zac. The best he can do is “Zatt”, which will do for now!

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Posted at 22:45:00 BST on 28th April 2010.

Announcing a new Godbolt

Today I’m happy to announce the birth of the latest member of the Godbolt family! At 8:27pm on April 19th 2010, Ness gave birth to a lovely baby boy. He weighed 2.22kg (4lb 12oz).

The latest baby Godbolt

Mum and baby doing very well. Big brother won’t know what’s hit him! Name to be announced soon.

Update: more pics on my Picasa Web Albums.

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Posted at 20:27:00 BST on 19th April 2010.

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